Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Bio-Magnetic Miracle

I noticed that I had some posts containing links that were supposed to go to my health and healing blogsite, but came here instead.

Since I don't at present know how many times this occurs, I am posting a "good" link to that location here.

Please follow this link to go to this page.

If you have followed me occasionaly, you likely know that I suffered some nerve damage in the fall of 2010 that pretty much incapacitated me for most of the following two years.

This damage severely inhibited my ability to connect well energetically to patients and as a result I have not been treating people other than family members until recently.

I am thrilled to report that I have improved in several regards and though I still have some difficulty with my injury, I have recovered my ability to function as a healer.

While on hiatus I was able to consider some changes to my technique that  turned out better than I could have ever expected and so I am very happy to pass those improvements on to those seeking my assistance with their health issues.

Healing is about the only area of my life that has not been turned completely upside down in the last 10 years and I am glad to report that my gift to heal has become stronger than ever before.

This is very exciting - especially to patients!

I am also able to play guitar again.  Losing that was very painful to me.  Now it all is coming back and I hope to be able to resume that part of my ministry soon.

My family is great and just keeps getting better.  Kita and I will celebrate our 28th Anniversary this coming December.  She is fabulous as ever.  We have been able to enjoy our 11 grandchildren and just got notice a week or so ago that our last daughter still without children will be having our 12th grandchild in a few months.  Grandkids rock!

We have not been able to hold church meetings during this last two years and that has been very disappointing.
We tried Livestream meetings, but the production values were so bad (I did it all myself) that I couldn't stand to watch it.
So, we have been limited to writing for the UBU website and working on a few small projects.
Of course, writing has also been difficult, but now I am getting more control of my fingers and don't spend all of my time backspacing. (erasing errors)  Visit UBU Ministries

Because of these problems we lost our home in Ferndale and were blessed to find a (severely damaged) mobile home we could purchase outright for $500!  I pretty much gutted it, mended the rotted floor in many places and started rewiring and fixing walls, etc.  We are still doing dishes in the bathtub, but hope to soon have a fully functioning kitchen, though progress is slow because now I am kind of slow and we are limited by budget - but we are getting there.

We are going to start looking for a place to hold church meetings (probably in Royal Oak or Madison Heights) and I am ready to begin accepting patients again.

We recently reversed our 31 year journey into vegetarianism (25 years as vegans) and consider it a failed experiment.  This was a very difficult and humbling change for us both and we are still working with convincing our children of our error in this unnatural and health destroying diet.  Carbs nearly killed us!  Kita and I have written about it here.

A lot of my recovery is directly due to reintroducing eggs and dairy (raw, organic, pastured) to my diet and as we have done more research we have begun to experiment with a paleolithic diet and are getting very good results.

I read a fascinating book recently, Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It, by Gary Taubes, which I recommend to all.  The dangers of artificial sweeteners, diet drinks and the benefits of organic, pastured products was not part of Taubes research, but aside from that I am just blown away by what he reveals in his work.

Another excellent book I can recommend to everyone, regardless of your diet is The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith.

I am now reading Primal Body, Primal Mind and finding it very good and a little bit scary.

If you want to read more about this and other things I have been up to, you can visit my other blog at

Meanwhile, I hope life is good for you and that you are good to life.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Where Am I???

Since I sustained pretty bad nerve damage two years back, I have had a hard time keeping up with several blogs.

Until I can get back on track, anyone who wants to follow me can at my original blog.

Friday, February 18, 2011

February Freedom

I am trying to finish up a quite overwhelming legal case in Utah.  I have one last document to create and untangling all the legal BS that Utah has dished up for me, while not preventing me from thinking about local issues, does seem to prevent me from writing about them.

I expect that by the end of February I will be able to write nearly daily here.

As usual, I expect the vast majority will despise nearly all I have to say as all toes must be equally stepped on.

So please hang in there.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Unspoken Message of Hate from 2011 State of the Union

reprinted from

by Rev. Gregory Lowrey

If you missed President Obama's State of the Union Address last night, you can watch it in full HERE.

As usual, there was a lot of back patting, generality and hope for a brighter future through legislation.

There was also recognition that our best innovative practices are the products of visionary individuals in the private sector who do not wait for government to solve personal, local or world-wide problems.

There was another message though that stood out to me more than anything else and it was shouted out without words and that was a message of intolerance and hate - two principles that are both socially destructive and overtly anti-American.

When President Obama proposed rights of the children of illegal immigrants, who by law (correct me if I'm wrong, please) are granted citizenship by being born on United States soil, decrying the deportation of bright minds after the investment of American Education and the failure to retain other foreign students after educating them here, suggesting America should no longer reject (via bureaucracy, bigotry or other means) persons who could more fully realize their own potential and further the mission of freedom worldwide, very many Congressmen failed to applaud his suggestion.

Likewise, when the President applauded the decision by the Military to cease to discriminate against soldiers who volunteer to very literally place their lives on the line to support the American agenda (however proper or improper that may at times be) because of "who they love" there was an overwhelming lack of positive support shown for the principles of fairness and non-discrimination by Congressmen who are entrusted to protect just those inalienable rights.

And when President Obama actually called on Americans to stand for the equal rights of Muslim Americans, there were many, many Congressmen who refused to stand and show allegiance to the 1st Amendment protections of our Constitution and a foundational principle of Democracy.

Finally, when the President's address was over, two Republican responses were made attacking the president rather than vowing support for and creative involvement in the processes that will achieve his broadly stated but very worthy goals for America.

These "Representatives" do NOT represent America, nor do they represent the people who elected them.  They very obviously DO represent "special interests" that do not favor equality, fairness, liberty or justice.

These Congressmen who would not stand for America were easy to spot.  They were the ones who remained sitting on their anti-American asses when the President called for all to stand for freedom and equality.  They are the ones who will inflame the insanely huge number of weak minded people here and around the world with their fear-mongering and bigotry.

These men and women who are charged to protect American Values, but who would not stand to count themselves among the lovers of Liberty and Equality are Frauds who along with others like them, must be removed from all levels of government.

One other comment I would like to make regarding the President's address is that we cannot achieve cultural integration while promoting elitist competition.  We should be seeking to work cooperatively with the people of other nations and refuse to make any type of concession that puts human rights behind business.

The principles of fairness and equality that America stands for (and by America I mean the U.S.A.) demand that we "play by the same rules" and refuse to put technology, goods and services into the hands of those who would use it to violate the human rights we have sworn to uphold.

I also would like to reiterate my position that peace achieved through the institution of fear is not peace at all and while despots and bullies of any stature should not be tolerated, their victims should be liberated, not punished for the actions of their victimizers.

I hope that we can move forward to achieve the many worthy goals outlined by President Obama and that we can provide honestly and fairly for the needs of all Americans and the world and remember the true maxim that United We Stand - Divided We Fall.

Partisanship is a a very real evil that only seeks to perpetuate itself and cares little for the destruction it leaves in it's path of self-indulgence.  Our world cannot afford to accommodate this evil.

While there are many instances of poor thinking on the part of Democrats, the actions of the Republican Cartel these last two years especially (and the Bush years equally) are low, mean and a disgusting, repugnant smear on all things American.   I am ashamed of those who vote for bigotry, especially those who promote it as a value of any religion.

Let's hope that the world can reverse the destructive results of generations of uncaring greed and short-sighted self-interest.  Let's pay attention to President Obama's unmentioned (perhaps unintended) point that it is the actions of INDIVIDUAL people who care enough to stand for correct principles that makes the difference and that Liberty and Prosperity come from people - not from Government.